Serge Gatari – Client Acquisition Full Course (Half A Mill A Year Program) (£160.00)

Serge Gatari – Client Acquisition Full Course (Half A Mill A Year Program) (£160.00)

The Blvck Plug Courses offer the Serge Gatari – Client Acquisition Full Course (Half A Mill A Year Program), presenting a unique approach to scaling service-based businesses. The course claims to provide a roadmap to achieving $500k to $1M in revenue within 12 months. Unlike traditional programs, it emphasizes practical implementation rather than just theory.

The course’s price is not explicitly stated but is described as “ALOT!” indicating a significant investment. Delivery of the course materials is through Notion, and interested individuals can access the sales page via a provided link.

What sets this course apart is its focus on hands-on assistance rather than mere instruction. It promises to offer insights and client acquisition systems tailored to the user’s specific offer and niche. Moreover, the course goes a step further by actually building these systems for the user and providing an affordable team to operate them. The ultimate goal is to liberate the user from the day-to-day operations of their business while adding substantial revenue.

Feedback and proof of the program’s effectiveness are provided, suggesting that it has delivered tangible results for past participants. The purchase process is straightforward, with options to buy immediately or add the course to the cart. The payment process is secure and encrypted, providing peace of mind for prospective buyers.

Overall, the course positions itself as a comprehensive solution for service providers looking to scale their businesses rapidly. By combining tailored strategies, practical implementation, and ongoing support, it aims to help participants achieve significant revenue growth within a relatively short timeframe.

Serge Gatari - Client Acquisition Full Course (Half A Mill A Year Program

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Access Our 5 Phases Road Map To Clearing $500k-1M in 12 months.

This isn’t your traditional program where you get a course and two group calls per week. This is a roadmap built to help any service provider scale past $50,000/month as fast as possible.

We’ll not only provide you with the right insights, the best client acquisition systems for your offer and niche, but we will build them for you and provide you with the most affordable team to run these systems on your behalf.
You pay, we remove you from working inside your business and we build the systems and the team to add half a million $ in new Annual Recurring Revenue for your business.

Serge Gatari Half A Mill Program – Proof and Feedbacks

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